The Barayamal eMentoring platform is an online program designed to facilitate the connection of Indigenous professionals and entrepreneurs with mentors experienced in their field of interest.


It's challenging to find the right support you need to achieve success in your career, which is why we created a platform that allows you to connect with industry experts who provide invaluable advice and support to help you progress in your professional or business career.


  • Grow your professional and business networks across Australia.

  • Acquire essential skills and knowledge to progress in your career.

  • Build or strengthen your resume to secure employment.

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How much does it cost?

eMentoring is a free, volunteer-led, community-based mentoring platform! All you need to do is invest the time and energy to learn and create a better future for yourself and community.

How does it work?

When you indicate your preferences (education, industry, location, etc.) Barayamal's software matching engine provides you with a list of mentors who match your criteria and then you can request to connect with a mentor that can best help you.

  1. Mentee searches for a mentor.
  2. Submit a mentor request.
  3. Mentor accepts request (if available).
  4. Mentoring partnership begins...

Below are some awesome eMentoring Mentors (Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders!)

Mentoring Relationship

The search-request model is a model identified by Barayamal as the best approach to establishing a mentoring relationship and is designed to provide a flexible platform for Mentees to find the ideal industry experts best suited to their mentoring needs. However, this model won't necessarily guarantee the success of the professional relationship.

The success of the relationship will depend on many factors, including investment of both Mentors and Mentees of their time and effort.

Importantly the mentoring relationship is not one in which the Mentor provides the Mentee with employment or other assistance of that nature. Employment or engagement is not an expected outcome of the Program.

Mentees need to actively participate in the Program and need to take responsibility for managing the relationship with their Mentor including setting meetings, completing any tasks assigned by the Mentor and following up with the Mentor for additional assistance, meetings and support.

If any Participant experiences any concern with the mentoring relationship you must immediately contact Dean Foley, Founder of Barayamal to discuss your concerns.

Participants in the program acknowledge that the relationship of Mentor and Mentee differs from that of professional adviser and client and as such, any discussion related to legal or financial matters and associated recommendations provided by a Mentor to a Mentee during their relationship cannot be relied upon as professional advice.