Terms and Conditions


Barayamal acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia, pays respect to their Elders – past and present – and acknowledges the important role First Nations people continue to play within the global business community.

Barayamal is an entrepreneurial and professional network run on the goodwill of our Partners and Participants. Barayamal, its Partners and Participants are committed to the professional and entrepreneurial development of Indigenous Australians to help close the gap.

The Barayamal eMentoring program is an online program designed to facilitate the connection of aspiring Indigenous professionals and entrepreneurs with Mentors experienced in their field of interest.

All Mentors volunteer their time to the program. Barayamal makes no payment to and receives no payment from any of the Partners or Participants in the program.

Barayamal's role is to facilitate the beginning of the mentoring relationship at which point responsibility for the fostering and growth of the relationship passes to the Mentor and Mentee.


Confidential Information means:

(a) all information relating to the business operations or affairs of the Participant including all financial information, customer details, terms and conditions of supply, sales information, marketing analysis, research and reports and other marketing information and all trade secrets, know how, operating procedures and technical information; and

(b) all other information treated by the Participant as confidential or capable of being protected at law or in equity as confidential information or the disclosure of which might cause loss or damage to or otherwise adversely affect the Participant.

in whatever form.

Conflict means for the purpose of this document:

(a) any material interest of one party in a matter affecting the other party in the mentoring relationship (for example, a Mentor sits on a Board that makes a decision in relation a scholarship or grant applied for by their Mentee);

(b) one party taking a financial or personal interest in the other party's business affairs (for example, a Mentor invests in their Mentee's business);

Mentee means an Indigenous person who has joined the Barayamal eMentoring Program for the purposes of finding a Mentor to assist them with their career or personal and professional development.

Mentor means a volunteer who holds the requisite skills to mentor a young Indigenous person in relation to their career and personal goals.

Participant means either a Mentor or Mentee in the Barayamal eMentoring Program.

Partner means a business or individual who contributes to the success of the Barayamal eMentoring Program but is not involved as a Mentor or Mentee.

Program means the Barayamal eMentoring Program which is an online program designed to facilitate the connection of Indigenous professionals and entrepreneurs with Mentors experienced in their field of interest.


This Code sets out the Policy to be followed by Participants involved in the Program to assist Participants to act ethically, professionally, within the law, in the best interests of the Mentor/Mentee relationship, and in the best interests of Barayamal. Adherence with these guidelines is an important part of any successful mentoring program. Failure to adhere to the standards of behavior and requirements set out in this Code may give rise to the removal of a Participant from the Program, at the sole discretion of Barayamal.

Participation in the Program places responsibility on all Participants to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner, and to avoid conduct that may bring themselves or Barayamal into disrepute. A professional manner is understood to be respecting the dignity and rights of others, observing all relevant laws in conducting the mentoring relationship and avoiding any Conflicts. Should a Conflict arise in the mentor/mentee relationships, this should be reported to Dean Foley, Founder of Barayamal and be dealt with under the Conflict Resolution section of this document.

This Code embodies Barayamal's polices and expected standards of behaviour.

Conduct Policy

While Barayamal facilitates mentoring and coaching relationships, it is the responsibility of Participants to adhere to the Barayamal eMentoring Conduct Policy. Participants are encouraged to set explicit ground rules and these should be adhered to at all times.

In particular, Participants should:

  1. act honestly and in good faith at all times in the interests of developing the mentoring relationship, and by extension Barayamal;

  2. develop the mentoring relationship in a safe, responsible, effective and culturally safe manner; and

  3. respect the right to confidentiality of participants.

Participants must also avoid inappropriate and unprofessional conduct, which includes but is not limited to:

  1. sexual or romantic involvement between Mentors and any Mentee;

  2. intoxication at Barayamal events or events promoted by Barayamal;

  3. making discriminatory or other remarks that denigrate, offend, insult or vilify any individual or group;

  4. public criticism of Barayamal and/or its sponsorship Partners and Participants, including on social media;

  5. publication (in any form) of images or materials in connection with Barayamal without specific written authorisation by Barayamal and/or its Partners or Participants that may cause offence, ridicule or bring Barayamal into disrepute;

  6. disclosure of information relating to any Barayamal eMentoring Participant that has been received in confidence or in circumstances that the Participant knows or ought to know are confidential; and

  7. use of Barayamal resources and materials for other personal or commercial use that is not approved by Barayamal.

Mentoring Relationship

The search-request model is a model identified by Barayamal as the best approach to establishing a mentoring relationship and is designed to provide a flexible platform for Mentees to find the ideal industry experts best suited to their mentoring needs. However, this model won't necessarily guarantee the success of the professional relationship.

The success of the relationship will depend on many factors, including investment of both Mentors and Mentees of their time and effort.

Importantly the mentoring relationship is not one in which the Mentor provides the Mentee with employment or other assistance of that nature. Employment or engagement is not an expected or desired outcome of the Program.

Mentees need to actively participate in the Program and need to take responsibility for managing the relationship with their Mentor including setting meetings, completing any tasks assigned by the Mentor and following up with the Mentor for additional assistance, meetings and support.

If any Participant experiences any concern with the mentoring relationship you must immediately contact Dean Foley, Founder of Barayamal to discuss your concerns.

Participants in the program acknowledge that the relationship of Mentor and Mentee differs from that of professional adviser and client and as such, any discussion related to legal or financial matters and associated recommendations provided by a Mentor to a Mentee during their relationship cannot relied upon as professional advice.

Cultural Safety Respect

Barayamal acknowledges and honours the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and pledges itself to create and maintain an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences – it’s about being open-minded and supportive of all people from all walks of life.

Cultural respect is recognising and supporting First Nations People’s culture and tradition. Like non-Indigenous culture, First Nations People culture is diverse with no single culture or values for all.

Cultural awareness training

Everyone has a cultural identity and diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences but by understanding and accepting other cultures we can achieve reconciliation. Below is a link to Reconciliation Australia’s “Share Our Pride” which is an introduction course into First Nations People and Culture.


It is a recommendation that all Participants access and complete the above course before involvement in the program.

Privacy, Intellectual Property and Confidential Information

An important part of any successful mentoring relationship is an open, free flow of ideas and information. As such Participants must commit to keeping confidential all matters shared in the Program unless required by law to disclose such information or unless consent is provided by the Participants to the coaching relationship for disclosure.

Without limiting what might be Confidential Information, a Participant should not disclose information provided to them, in the course of the mentoring relationship, about business development proposals or products that, if disclosed would adversely affect the party who's information it is - i.e. a Mentee provides a Mentor with information regarding a product that they are developing that, if disclosed, would affect the competitive advantage the Mentee has in bringing the product to market.

Participants have no legal rights to intellectual property of the other nor will they use anything discussed during the relationship to the disadvantage of the other.

Conflict Resolution

Any Conflict or potential Conflict arising in the Mentor/Mentee relationship must be immediately declared to Dean Foley, Founder of Barayamal and the other party to ensure that it is appropriately dealt with in the interest of all parties. If in doubt as to whether a Conflict exists, Participants must contact Dean Foley to discuss the situation.

An example of a potential Conflict is where a Mentor takes a commercial interest in the Mentees’ business or career. In an instance such as this, it is appropriate to ensure that the Mentee has taken independent legal and financial advice in respect of the proposed investment by the Mentor.

Once declared, Barayamal will consider and advise on if and how the Conflict can be managed within the mentoring relationship. If, in Barayamal's opinion, the Conflict cannot be managed, the Mentor/Mentee relationship will come to an end.

Workplace Health and Safety

If a workplace mentoring session takes place at the Mentor's place of business, or if a Mentee obtains unpaid or paid work with the Mentor, Mentors must ensure a Mentee’s visit is compliant with requirements set out in the acts and regulations in your state or territory for workplace health and safety.


Each Participant releases Barayamal and each other from all liability, loss, costs and expenses (including legal fees, costs and disbursements) that the party may have or claim to have or, but for this release, might have had against the other party (including any of which the party is not aware, or could not have been aware, arising from or in connection with the Barayamal eMentoring Program.  


I understand that this is a volunteer position and accept the responsibilities this entails.

In particular, by ticking the box, I confirm that I have read and understood the Code above, and agree to adhere to all of its requirements at all times, including the requirement to avoid inappropriate and unprofessional conduct. I understand that a breach of the Code may result in my removal from the eMentoring program.